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Why you need to use

Our service is one of the best and most convenient services for download Instagram videos, Reels videos, Instagram pictures and posts on the Internet. Our task is to allow you to download any Instagram post you like as quickly and conveniently as possible. On our site you can save Instagram content in one click, for free and without registration.

What is Instagram?

You do not know? Then we tell you! Instagram is the largest social network based on video and photo posts. Millions of people use this social network every day, post photos and videos, comment on other people's posts. Millions of photos are posted on Instagram every day. This makes it the most popular social and media app in the world.

And often there is a desire to save a something from Instagram. For this, our service was developed - Instagram Video, Reels and photo downloader. It allows you to save any content from this popular network. Photos and videos from Instagram are download in HD quality.

Is our service is Instagram Video Downloader?

Sure! You can easily download any Instagram video. It is important that the video is public, that is, the creator's account must be opened. Just paste the link to the selected video in the input field and our Downloader will offer you to download it. Downloaded videos will be saved in HD quality.

Good! But is it Instagram Reels Downloader?

And again, right! Since Instagram Reels are the same as regular Instagram Videos, Our super fast Downloader can download Instagram Reels without any problem. You just need to copy the link to Reels and paste it on our website You can download and save Reels just like any other content.

Ok, I want to Download Instagram Photo, Can I?

Of cause you can! Feel free to copy the link to the Instagram Post with the picture and use our free service to download this picture. If the post contains several images, then this is also not a problem. Our Instagram Post Downloader will find all pictures from the post and offer you to download all of them, you can choose any of them.

Good! You are good guys, how can I thank you?

Thanks for using our Instagram Downloader. The best thing you can do for us is to share the link to our service with your friends.

So how to download Instagram videos or Reels videos?

Instagram Post Menu Example

Where you can find Post Menu

Instagram Post Menu Button copy

What you need to click

  1. You need to go to Instagram from your phone or computer
  2. Open any video you want to download
  3. Open the post menu, which is located in the upper right corner and looks like 3 dots(see image above)
  4. Click "copy link" in the opened menu. Just a little bit left to download Instagram video
  5. Go to our website and paste the link into the input field (it says "Put Instagram link here")
  6. Click the "Download" button and wait, you will be taken to a page where all the videos from the post will be
  7. Select what you want to download and click "Download" button under the video you need

Downloading Instagram videos is very easy, isn't it?

Okay, but how to download a photo or picture from Instagram?

Believe it or not, just like instagram videos. You just need to copy your post link and paste it into our Instagram Downloader. You will be taken to a page where you can choose what you want to download.

My friend made a post where a few photos and videos, how can I download it?

Instagram multipost Example

Oh no, is it multi post?

Download multipost Example

No problem, that's it!

Very simple! open this post, open the menu as in step 3 of download video instruction, and click "copy link". Paste this link into our Instagram Post downloader. You will be presented with a page where each instagram photo and video will be as a separate post. Find the video or photo you need and click the "download" button to download the video or photo you chosen before.

Do I need to install any software to download a video or photo?

No, you don't need any software at all. Just copy the link to instagram and go to, it will allow you to download this videos and photos.

Is your Instagram downloader free?

Yes, our service is absolutely free for any user. You can download any photo or video for free on iphone, android, mac, pc at any time. Just copy the link and paste it on our website.

How many photos and videos can I download? Are there any limits?

In our photo and video downloader you can download any number of photos and videos without any restrictions, all this is absolutely free. If you use AdBlock program, please disable it, our service develops only thanks to advertising.

Is it safe to download Instagram videos and photos? It is allowed?

Yes, it is absolutely safe, you can download Instagram videos or photos safely and legally for your own use. However, you should not post other people's content that you downloaded using any application or website, as all content is for personal use only.

Small F.A.Q.

How to download something from instagram?

Quite simple, just follow next steps:

  1. Go to or open Oficial Application
  2. Open post with content you want to download (video or picture)
  3. Open post menu and click on "Copy Link"
  4. Go to our website and paste link into link input
  5. Click "Download" button
  6. Wait for data receiving
  7. When post content appears, choice what you want and click "Download" button ander the wanted content
  8. Download will start immediately

How to copy post link?

There is instructions below:

  1. Open Instagramm application or website
  2. Open wanted post or scroll down to it
  3. Click on three dots in top lright corner of the post
  4. In appeared post menu click on "Copy Link"

How to download something from post with more than one photo\video?

This is similar to regular single post:

  1. First of all follow instructions at previous question
  2. Next paste copied link and click "Download" on our website
  3. After the data receiving you will see the page with each one content from multipost, each one image\video will be presented as single post
  4. Choose what you want to and click "Download" button under the choosed photo\video