Instagram prepares paid stories.


Paid Stories, which can be viewed only for money, will be marked with a purple bar and an asterisk, as in screenshot 2.

This will work with the help of Fan Clubs - that is, there will be a function of paid communities within Instagram.

For Russian users, a subscription to Stories will start at about 99 rubles for AppStore users.

They say that it will be impossible to take a screenshot of paid Stories.

Instagram introduces a new feed.


Instagram is testing a new type of displaying the recommendation feed, which everyone will have in case of successful testing.

How will it work?

Recommended posts of strangers will appear between the posts of those you follow, after about 1-2. Previously, these recommendations only appeared when you scrolled to the end of the tape.

Such "new" posts will have a new mark: "publication topic" - for example, "Interior design", and next to them are two buttons - ⭐️ / ❌. These buttons work almost like in Tinder - like / dislike.

It is impossible to completely disable the alternation of these recommendations - only temporarily, for 30 days.

The desktop version of Instagram will show statistics for each post!


Soon it will be possible, directly from the computer, to view data on profile visits, saves, reach and post impressions.

By the way, the sources of impressions, including the income from hashtags, will also be displayed here!

P.S. It seems like some users have statistics in the desktop already available, but I haven't found it on any of our accounts (If someone finds it, I will be grateful for the screenshot)

Should I write the price in the publication? And how does this affect sales?


I have already discussed this question for a long time on the channel, but judging by the fact that recently you have started asking me more and more often, it is worth touching on this topic again!

In fact, everything is simple ...

I recommend not writing prices in publications if you / your manager knows how to sell really cool in correspondence. Because when there are no prices, you get a lot more questions in Direct / comments from subscribers / potential customers and you can better reveal all the values of your product to the client, thereby generating 20-30% more sales

Otherwise, it doesn't matter if you have a written price or not, because sales will come out + - the same! (Only here in the option without prices, you will spend much more time "raking direct")

This advice applies to almost all Instagram accounts with an average check for products of up to $ 100 (If your product is more expensive, it is better not to write the price at all and tighten the level of your sales)

Instagram will open access to the official blogger exchange.


A function that will allow bloggers to enter the exchange catalog and receive orders from brands.

How it works: the instagram blogger ticks the box that he agrees to be listed on the exchange, then chooses the brands with which he wants to cooperate, in turn, the brands see this offer.

Further, the blogger has a separate folder in Direct, where information about orders from the exchange will be received.