Ways to download Instagram Content on iPhone

لتنزيل مقطع فيديو من Instagram أو صورة ، ما عليك سوى القيام ببعض الخطوات:

1) First of all you need to copy post link

2) After that go to our website and paste link into input, then click download button

Download button

3) Wait until post data will be received

Waiting for data

4) After that click download button under content you want to download

Content download button

5) Safari will ask you what you want to do, just click "Download" button like in example

Safari download button

6) Wait before Safari will download content, then click to "Downloads" button and click on "Find" icon like on image below

Find icon example

7) In opened Application you will see downloaded video or picture

Downloaded file

8) Also you can find downloads with "Files" Application, Open "Find" window on iPhone and type "Files"

Files Application in search

9) Next open "Files" Application, then go to "Browse" tab and click on button "On My iPhone"

Where to find downloads folder

10) You will see "Downloads" Folder, your downloaded content will be there

Downloads Folder